Here are a few of the most asked questions with answers. Of course you may send us new questions and we’ll be happy to answer them and post them here for others to view.

Q: Is iMathPac really free or is there some subscription fee or something you’re not telling me.
A: iMathPac is 100% free! There is no charge for using it.

Q: Does iMathPac handle complex number operations?
A: Yes, iMathPac will perform any calculation using Complex Numbers and it returns the answers in Standard (a+bi) form

Q: Does iMathPac offer all the Trig functions I need for my College Algebra class?
A: Yes, iMathPac does offer every Trigonometry function you’ll need for your class.

Q: Does iMathPac offer Absolute Value or Greatest Integer functions?
A: Yes, iMathPac offers both Absolute Value and Greatest Integer functions.

Q: Does iMathPac offer Factorial, Permutations or Combinations features?
A: Yes, iMathPac offers all three of these features.

Q: Does iMathPac have 2-finger Zoom plus the option for me to set the window to what I want?
A: Yes, iMathPac offers both of those features, 2-finger Zoom and Manual window settings PLUS……… several of the most popular preset window options you’ll find on those hand held graphers; like Standard window, Trig window, Square window, etc.

Q: Does iMathPac graph everything I need for my College Algebra Class?
A: Yes, iMathPac will graph anything those hand held graphers from Texas will graph.

Q: Is there help provided if I need it?
A: Yes, there is built-in help on each screen. Just touch the icon that says HELP on the bottom of the screen. If you go to our website you’ll find an email support link and even a calendar where you can get live help 3 days a week. For those emergency situations I’ve even provided a USA phone number where I can be reached when I’m not in class.

Q: I’ve noticed iMathPac is lacking many of the features your other Apps offer. Do you plan to add those features to iMathPac in the future.
A: We do plan to add a few additional features to iMathPac, but we are also developing a comprehensive cross-platform App, MathPac_Cloud that will be available for users in the near future.