At MobileCaltronics we are using 'Adaptive Learning Technology' to develop a cross-platform application that fulfills your needs for a graphing calculator. Adaptive Learning Technology means every time you use the app it is faster and smarter. The app actually learns what you've used in the past and anticipates how and what you will use in the current session. So in short, the first time you use the app it is learning your preferences and by the second time you use the app it has an idea of what you need and by the third time you use the app it performs quickly and efficiently!

iMathPac is the first step towards that goal. We are very happy to announce this release of our FREE graphing calculator. We have a great reputation in Android & Blackberry and we hope you find our applications just as helpful on your iphone, ipad or other mobile device. iMathPac offers a Comprehensive-Scientific Calculator.

Our Calculator offers both Degree and Radian MODE, full standard Trigonometric functions, Factorial, Combinations, Permutations, Natural and Base10 Log, Pi, e, Fraction conversion, 16 place accuracy, and complete Complex number capabilities! The display scrolls so you can "look back" to see past calculations. It also offers Long-Hold Copy/Paste so you can Copy/Paste with 1 touch. The Complex number capability provides all answers in standard (a+bi) format and the complex capabilities extend to every function of the calculator. You can take the square root / Log /cube root/ etc. of a complex number and the answer will be given in proper (a+bi) format.

The 4 icons along the bottom provide direct access to the graph, and the onscreen Help, or make erasing the old calculation as easy as 1 touch. On our Website you'll find a Comprehensive Math Dictionary, a Calendar with LIVE Support times, online tutorial videos, and all our other calculators!

We are committed to supporting all our products. If you have any questions or comments please send an email to: